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Site App Pro is helping civil engineering companies understand the who, what and where of their work sites. In addition to a raft of paperless health & safety tools, Site App Pro comes built in with the ability to collect and collate vital information about equipment and staff. Who’s trained to do what? Are they on-site? Is your equipment safe to use? Access all of this information with the push of a button, no matter where you need it.

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Never lose important details again with live asset registers

With Site App Pro’s equipment management functions, keep track of all vital information regarding your vehicles, tools and plant. At the push of a button you’ll know serial numbers, upcoming inspections, maintenance due dates, accountable persons, important warnings and more.

Additionally, to make things even simpler you can store all your documentation and resources in the same live asset register, such as equipment manuals, warranties and certifications. This puts everything you’ll need in one convenient, digital location.

Plus if it’s in the cloud, it doesn’t need to be in your head. When a due date is coming up - for example, required maintenance - the app can automatically notify you via push notification or email. No need for you to remember it all yourself.

Site Manager using Site App Pro on mobile phone
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Find qualifications & competencies at a glance

Your people need to know what they’re doing in order to maintain the highest level of safety. On the work site, there’s no room for questions. With Site App Pro, you won’t have any.

Access Site App Pro’s Team & Users function to build a record of each of your workers’ important information, such as their contact details, emergency contact, training history, relevant documentation (e.g. certifications and licences) and currently assigned corrective actions.

Whether you’re in the office or on-site, you’ll quickly be able to learn who’s qualified with what on site, so you can organise your team safely and effectively. And, like with your equipment, if there’s an expiry date coming up the app will remind you.

Check out who’s on site, and who isn’t

Site App Pro combines a variety of modern digital visitor management and check-in/out solutions to ensure you always have a clear list of who is - or is not - on site.

As your staff turn up to work, it takes just one push of a button on their smartphone to check in. With geo-location tagging, you’ll also be notified of where they were when they signed in - whether that was at the door, or still a few kilometres away. The process of signing out is just as easy.

If you’ve got visitors coming, they don’t need the Site App Pro app. Create a fast custom QR code using the desktop admin console, print it out and place it at the door. Visitors will be able to scan in and out without downloading any new software.

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See why our customers love Site App Pro.

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Since implementing Site App Pro, we've seen a dramatic improvement in managing our health and safety. We've moved away from inefficient paper systems, gaining quick access to vital information, especially in emergencies. Our tracking and reporting processes on safety incidents have become more effective, enhancing our ability to address safety issues promptly. Most importantly, Site App Pro's real-time updates have been invaluable within our fast-paced work environment, significantly improving our overall workplace safety.

Liubov Koshel

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"Utilizing Site App Pro for our client’s safety programs makes managing the safety program a breeze in terms of organization and ease of use. Site App Pro creates optimal communication between our clients and 1st Quality Safety as they always have the most up to date version of their safety program immediately after any revisions have been made, and also allows us as consultants to review any activity on the account in real time.”

Marlys Wilson

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Your support and online tuition has been excellent We are still setting up the app for our staff use, taken time but we are getting there!

Kevin @ Speedy Signs

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Flexible and Easy to Use It is an amazing product that is so easy to use and has the flexibility to change to business requirements. An easy referral! Paperless is definitely the way to go.

Cliff @ Three Peaks NZ

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Great service by the sales team. Storm is a legend. Always so helpful and fast to respond to inquiries. Set up my account and another client's account without any hassles at all. Great software is supported by a great team in the background.

Brian @ Otago Health Safety

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“A great way to get Health and Safety documentation completed and keep everyone safe on sites.”

Rebecca King

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“I like that there is the flexibility to create your own documents or amend existing documents for a more practical use for our business.”


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“It is an amazing product that is so easy to use and has the flexibility to change to business requirements.”

Clifford Brown

Site App Pro delivers on promise.


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