Risk Assessments and Hazard Identification
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Risk Assessment & Hazard Id
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Create and use Risk Assessment Forms Without the Paperwork

Risk assessments can make the difference between a safe job site and an unsafe one. Site App Pro has made it easy to create risk assessment forms, and use them on-site.

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The benefits of 

Risk Assessment & Hazard Id

Easy drag-and-drop form builder.

With our drag-and-drop form builder, Site App Pro admin console users can very quickly build custom risk assessment forms to suit their unique requirements. To make things even faster, we’ve pre-loaded all of the most common hazards a job site might face, allowing you to quickly tick or untick hazards as relevant to your work - or add your own custom options if you need the specificity.

Quickly fill out forms via mobile app.

At any point when filling out a risk assessment with the Site App Pro mobile app, users can also assign corrective actions, notify the relevant individuals, and identify whether the action is a low, medium or high priority. This will then inform the individual, who can access the original assessment form and fill out a new one as required - with all completed forms stored digitally, to be accessed at any point by administrators.

Add photos to provide evidence without leaving the app.

If you require photographic evidence for your records, snap a quick picture with your mobile device and attach it to the applicable form. This will store both the form and evidence together, securely, forever.

All completed forms stored digitally and securely.

All forms filled out via the Site App Pro mobile app are automatically uploaded to the desktop admin console for safe and secure storage. You can access past forms at any time, check which team members are assigned to which corrective actions, and gather data on form completion rates to hunt for red flags. In the event that you lose internet access while on the job, don't worry! The app will upload your forms the moment you reconnect.

Some of Site App Pro’s other features:

SWMS in Site App Pro


Undertaking high-risk construction work? Site App Pro’s Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS) functionality has you covered. Whether you need to build a SWMS or manage one for your team, Site App Pro is the tool for you.

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New home screen icon

The Home Screen

The new Home Screen gives users a real-time view of actions that need attention. It also gives shortcuts to all the the key areas of the app: Check in or out of a site, log an incident, view new hazards, complete an induction, view new tasks on their To-Do list, cccess their engagement score and even add a profile picture.

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User Onboarding Icon

QR Code Onboarding

Use our seamless Mobile Onboarding to add Users and Contractors from the Mobile App. Add the user's details then get the user to scan the QR code to download the App and log them into Site App Pro. Your new Users and Contractors will be on-site and completing forms in minutes!

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User groups icon Site App Pro

User Groups

User Groups create personalisation and clarity to your Health and Safety by allowing you to assign forms to different groups of users. Create custom User Groups to segment the forms your team will see on their Mobile Device.

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User Engagement Score icon Site App Pro

User Engagement Score

The Engagement Score gives your users a score based on the way they’ve been interacting with Site App Pro. We’ll be monitoring - checking in & out, completing forms, acknowledging the hazard board, and more. Use the Engagement Score to celebrate your top performers and motivate the rest of your team to match their standards.

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Digital Hazard Board icon Site App Pro

Digital Hazard Board

We took the traditional site hazard board and made it digital. Our Hazard Board is live which means everyone checked in to your site is kept up-to-date with new hazards as they are identified. Hazard acknowledgment drives better health and safety engagement.

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Form building and scheduler icon Site App Pro

Form Builder and Scheduler

Take control of your health and safety forms with Site App Pro’s drag-and-drop form builder and scheduler.

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Toolbox talks in a matter of seconds with Site App Pro

Toolbox Talks

Make organising and recording toolbox talks a matter of just pressing a few buttons on your phone with Site App Pro.

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Site Inductions on Site App Pro

Site Inductions

With our fast site induction forms module, we’ve made it simple to create, modify, fill out and store all of your individual and team site inductions.

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Management reporting on Site App Pro

Management Reporting

Meaningful, evidence-based reports are vital for the smooth running of a business, and its ability to optimise or correct red flags.

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Geo Locate Your Workers on Site App Pro

Geo Location

With Site App Pro's geotagging features, you won’t just know who’s checked in to the site at any given moment, but how far they were from the location when they said they arrived.

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Corrective Actions on Site App Pro

Corrective Actions

Corrective actions are vital to the safe functioning of any job site, and Site App Pro makes it simple to identify, assign and complete any action that is required.

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Use Site App Pro offline with our offline functionality

Offline Functionality

We know you can’t always predict where the next job site will be, and internet connectivity is sometimes a luxury. So, we’ve built the Site App Pro mobile app to be able to operate offline.

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Contractor Management on Site App Pro

Contractor Management

Whether you’re working with suppliers, contractors or visitors coming to perform equipment maintenance, Site App Pro can manage their details on your behalf.

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See why our customers love Site App Pro.

Your support and online tuition has been excellent We are still setting up the app for our staff use, taken time but we are getting there!

Kevin @ Speedy Signs

Flexible and Easy to Use It is an amazing product that is so easy to use and has the flexibility to change to business requirements. An easy referral! Paperless is definitely the way to go.

Cliff @ Three Peaks NZ

Great service by the sales team. Storm is a legend. Always so helpful and fast to respond to inquiries. Set up my account and another client's account without any hassles at all. Great software is supported by a great team in the background.

Brian @ Otago Health Safety

“A great way to get Health and Safety documentation completed and keep everyone safe on sites.”

Rebecca King

“I like that there is the flexibility to create your own documents or amend existing documents for a more practical use for our business.”


“It is an amazing product that is so easy to use and has the flexibility to change to business requirements.”

Clifford Brown

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