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Greg Hart
Apr 11, 2019

Site App Pro - April 2019 Software Release

Site App Pro - April 2019 Software Release

We are extremely excited to announce the release of the latest version Mobile 1.1.0 and Web 1.8.9 Prod of our Site App Pro Safety Software.

We have been amazed at the number of New Zealand construction business who have jumped on board to streamline their onsite health and safety processes.

We have also listened to your feedback (some brilliant ideas) and have incorporated many of the features suggested by you into this release. We have also made some performance enhancements and some minor bug fixes not mentioned here. Let's dive in!



Offline Mode

Sometimes you are out of cellular data or WiFi range or you run out of data. Luckily, this won't stop you completing your Forms, as the latest Site App Pro mobile application gives you the ability to complete and save forms offline. Once you are back in coverage (have an internet connection) your saved forms will sync to the cloud. Very Handy!

Form Reports

This is one of our 'biggest' new features. You now have the ability to view, email and print reports on any form completion. This is really useful where you have created custom forms. Previously you could only report on 'template forms'.


You can now send messages between the Admin (Web) Console and the Mobile App.

There are two types of messages an Admin can create.

  1. The first is a text message. These are useful for sending out news and general communications. You can also attach a link to a Resource, Form or a URL. For example you may create a new training form and then send out a message asking your staff to complete it.
  2. The second type is an action or note to yourself (or someone else), typically about a task or that needs to be completed. When you have completed the action you can tick it as 'done'.

Messages can also be sent from the mobile device back to the Admin Console. 

Check-in / Check-out

The Check In and Check Out feature is one method within Site App Pro to keep track of when users visit or leave a particular site. 

This feature (by default it is off), adds a button in the bottom left of the Diary page on the mobile application. Users can click the "Check In" button to notify their manager or supervisor when they arrive on Site, and "Check Out" to notify when they leave Site. 

Order Sites by Proximity

This handy feature now orders your list of Sites in the mobile application based on their distance from your current location. Sites which are close will be at the top of the list and if they are further away they will be further down the list. You know it makes sense.

Sites can now have PINs

Sites can now be secured by a PIN number. This means only those Users with the Site PIN will be able to view safety documentation and completed forms for that particular Site.

Site Resources

Do you want to attach certificates and records to a User, or an Approved Certificate to a Supplier/Contractor, a manual to a piece of or Equipment or documents to a Site?  You can do this by attaching a resource to a specific field!

New Site fields to help you manage work flows

A number of new fields have been added to a Site for your use in managing them using Site App Pro. These fields include the Site Project and Safety Managers, an external ID, and Site start and end dates.

Export 'Site List' to CSV

Just what it says on the box. Another customer request, so here it is.

Duplicate Sites

If you have a sites that are similar, you now have the option of copying a previous Sites. This allows you to create a new site very quickly.

Screen Nudges

A 'Screen Nudge' is the message that appears at the bottom of the daily task list (Diary Screen) in the mobile app. These messages now cycle through a series of 'safety' messages. You can also edit these messages to suit your own business.

Auto Email

Want a particular form emailed to you every time it is completed? We can do that. Examples could be 'Incident' forms, 'inductions', 'near miss' etc...

Group Admin Dashboard

For those administering multiple Organisations across a group we have added a new Group Dashboard.

Team Form/Training Records

You can now open a Team Member in the Admin Console and see a list of the Forms where they have been selected. For example, you may create a custom training form that starts with a 'Select Team/Staff' member question - and now see a history under each team member of when they completed that form.

New Question Type

You can now use a Yes/No + Reason question type. Very handy.

Custom Date Ranges in Dashboard

The Dashboard provides an overview of completed tasks and forms for a selected period. The default period is the last 7 days, but you can change to "THIS MONTH" or "THIS WEEK" or "CUSTOM".


Site App Pro provides ad-hoc forms (forms that you do not complete on a regular schedule, such as Incidents, Inspections, etc.). These forms are categorised; but it can still be a bit tricky finding the form you are after, especially if its one you use often. Problem solved! Now you can make any ad-hoc form a 'Favourite' in the mobile application. Favourite forms appear in the 'Favourite' section at the top of the ad-hoc form list. Genius.  


We have increased the minimum security requirements on passwords. We know they will be harder to remember, but also harder for someone to guess. Your data security is extremely important to us.

We have also added a PIN feature to our Sites.  This allows you to limit access to Sites to the users who have the PIN.

Approved Supplier/Contractor Certification

You can enter a supplier or contractor's certificate details and monitor certificate expiry from your Dashboard on the Administration Console.

What else?

We have also made various bug fixes and performance enhancements. Stuff that is part and parcel of good software development. Don't forget we are made in NZ by Kiwi's and our software has designed to make it as easy as possible for you to keep your workers safe and your business compliant. 

Support Portal

For detailed documentation on our latest release please click the following link:

Read our Full List - Release Notes

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