Greg Hart
Mar 1, 2021

Good Safety Doesn't Need More Paperwork

Good Safety Doesn't Need More Paperwork

Good Safety Doesn't Need More Paperwork

Most companies have assumed that the Health & Safety at Work Act 2015 is a tedious compliance exercise involving increased amounts of paperwork. However it's in place to ensure companies take responsibility for the health and safety of everyone at risk including its workers, customers, visitors, or the general public. It does of course involve paperwork, but is mostly about proving good health and safety procedures are operating within your company and that you have done everything possible to reduce "risk".

For smaller businesses, less paperwork means higher profits, boosted sales and more time with the family.  

Most people despise having to complete paperwork. Why? Undertaking paperwork or process related tasks tend to take them out of the field and away from the actual job. In most cases, the burden of handling and processing paperwork falls on the shoulders of the foreman and management. This often leaves them spending more time sifting through documentation than assessing physical risks at building sites.

But WAIT. We've got good news! You don't need to do MORE paperwork to keep safe. Here are a few suggestions to get you started:

1. Complete paperwork as you go. No one enjoys a pile up.

The biggest hassle about filling out paperwork is the amount of time it can take. Knowing that completing paperwork isn't the most desired tasks for most people, you'll find that many individuals either put it off until the last minute or rush through the process just to be done with it. What happens when things are rushed? Mistakes are made. When safety is involved, mistakes cannot be made.

The most accurate information is gathered within the moment it happens. With an online system available on either tablets or smartphones, the paperwork can be completed at the time of an incident, before a job is carried out or immediately after.

2. Eliminate the use of paper whenever possible

Take a good hard look at your processes and forms. Do you ask the same questions on several forms? Are all the forms necessary? Can a simple computer program or online form be used instead?

Utilising computer programming tools (online or offline), such as Site App Pro, can help automate forms or set tasks so paperwork isn’t needed. By doing so, you're on track to eliminate paperwork altogether, which makes life a whole load easier. You have to admit, taking a photo to explain the situation at hand would be much less time consuming than a mini essay describing a work site hazard.

3. Convert to electronic signatures

Some Manager's can create a bottleneck effect, this is usually due to the requirement of their approval before anything can get done. Using electronic systems means that documents can be sighted by a manager electronically and signed electronically too. This reduces a document pile up in addition to a quicker approval rate.

4. Prepare yourself  

If you don’t have the required information on hand, you can’t make decisions properly. In most cases, you can't predict what paperwork you may need to have on hand when off site. Technology has changed all this; with offline functionality and cloud storage, documentation can be accessible at all times. Need to share a particular document across several sites and co-workers? No worries, this can be done within a few clicks of a button in addition to automatically being backed up to the cloud.

Thinking of reducing your paperwork whilst still remaining compliant? Site App Pro can manage all your Health and Safety compliance documentation in the cloud. A document system on call, for whenever you need.

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Greg Hart

Greg Hart

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