Video testimonial
Greg Hart
Jun 15, 2023

Generation Homes | Video Testimonial

Generation Homes | Video Testimonial

We sat down with our legendary Site App Pro users Lyndon Marshall from Generation Homes, and Geoff Horgan from Safety First, for a little insight into how they have benefited from using our system to remove the hassle of Health and Safety paperwork and better manage their HSE processes.

Generation Homes

Lyndon Marshall has been with Generation Homes for over 14 years, in which they build roughly about 120 to 130 homes per year. “We’ve got a fairly busy schedule that we go through on a daily basis” says Lyndon, “we’ve got about 250 to 300 contractors, so sites are pretty busy”.  

“As a PCBU we are just looking to make sure that everybody gets home safe at the end of the day” Lyndon states, therefore it’s super important for their team to keep sites safe, clean and tidy to ensure compliance in every facet of their Health and Safety. “We use Site App Pro on site to make sure we get live reporting and to keep an eye on what's going on each day on site with who’s on there and to make sure procedures are followed”.

“Site App Pro has helped streamline things amazingly on-site for us, as before we were using a paper based system. What took us 4 years to achieve, has now taken us 4 months to achieve the same result with Site App Pro”

Safety First

Safety First Tauranga is an independent consultant within the Bay of Plenty & Waikato district. Safety First looks after the back end, the monitoring and the site audits with Site App Pro. They’ve been trading for about five years, and got involved with Generation Homes at the early stages of their business.

Geoff states “we’ve got a great relationship with Generation Homes, and we look after their Health and Safety, their site audits and the monitoring of the tradesmen on-site and also the back end documentation that comes in for compliance”.

Site App Pro is very easy for Sub Contractors to use, “we get them to do a sign-in, complete an induction, pre-start and site risk assessment” all from the ease of the app. Geoff goes on to say, “If there is an incident on site, everybody gets a notification that that particular incident has happened. It also notifies myself, so I’m able to follow up with an investigation if required”.

“The auditing tool on Site App Pro is a live reporting of the monitoring of your workers on-site, you can customise it to whatever risks are on-site for that particular period.”, Geoff also goes on to say “the engagement that we get with the contractors on-site now is way beyond what we expected with Site App Pro, they’re getting to learn what the actual Health and Safety requirements are daily and they’re getting to learn what their responsibilities are, not just as the PCBU is required to do, but also as workers taking on their own risks.”

“If you’re an independent Health & Safety Consultant, I would highly recommend using Site App Pro. Large complex projects or residential builds, it’s a great tool to use.”

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Greg Hart

Greg Hart

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