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Chelsea Turner
Sep 4, 2023

Comply Pro September 2023 Update

Comply Pro September 2023 Update

Record Breaking sales for 3-months and counting

We are pleased to announce that we have exceeded our sales targets for the third consecutive month. This achievement reflects the strong collaboration within our team and the confidence our clients have in our solutions. We want to thank our valued clients for their continued support as we set our sights on achieving even more significant milestones.

Site App Pro launches head first into North America - from Antarctica to Alberta

As planned we have started our push into North America with Site App Pro. Early signs are very promising indeed, with Partners and Customers jumping on board. Strong validation of ICP (ideal customer profile) and our PMF (product market fit) as well as confidence in our Go To Market strategy - watch this space.

The team is hustling 5AM shifts for the North American push

When you have to set the alarm to a number with a "4" in it you know you are on a mission. The Sales team, with support from CS, have pulled some big hours in the last few months to hit the North American time zones. An outstanding effort to embrace this new market landscape and do what it takes to get it done. Go team!

Huge success for Weekly Webinars

Our Customer Success Manager, Rochelle has achieved resounding success with our Weekly Webinars. We're thrilled by these outstanding results, as our webinars have become a powerful platform for knowledge sharing and collaboration. The overwhelming positive response from our users has been next to none, and we're excited to see where it takes us.

Welcoming our new CPO, Audrey Cheng

We're delighted to announce Audrey Cheng as our new Chief Product Officer (CPO). In her brief time with us, Audrey has made a significant impact - working closely with our Customer Service, Sales, and Development teams to drive improvements that enhance the efficiency and precision of our product efforts. Welcome aboard, Audrey!

On The Ground in San Fran for SaaStr

Our team members, Robert Sheetz (CFO), Ryan Hartley (CRO), and Sophie Quinn (Head of Customer Success), are currently representing our company at the SaaStr event. Engaging in valuable networking and learning opportunities, we're excited to tap into industry expertise.If you're also attending SaaStr, we'd love to connect!

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