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May 6, 2024

Comply Pro May 2024 Update

Comply Pro May 2024 Update

Introducing New & Improved Features

We're excited to announce significant updates to Site App Pro and Safe Food Pro,  designed to enhance how businesses manage safety and operations. 

These upgrades are designed to boost operational efficiency and integrate seamlessly into existing workflows, ensuring substantial new product capabilities for our users, from local enterprises to global corporations.

Form Designer (FastForm)

Available in both Site App Pro and Safe Food Pro, our newly updated Form Designer features a more intuitive and user-friendly interface that simplifies form creation and customization. 

  • Quick Form Setup: Enhances the speed of form creation and management, enabling faster setup.
  • Form Analytics: Offers detailed insights including estimated completion time, question count, and tracking of form creation and updates by user.
  • Draft Mode: Introduces a pre-publication preview on mobile, allowing you to view and test forms in draft mode before they go live, enhancing accuracy and giving you full confidence.

Workflows Functionality

Workflows have been added to both Site App Pro and Safe Food Pro to automate and optimize routine tasks, enhancing operational efficiency. Now, you can automate subsequent steps in any process. Workflows ensure that each step is automatically created and assigned to the appropriate team member's task list. With this feature, missing and incomplete tasks become a thing of the past.

  • Efficient Task Management: Automate task sequences to reduce manual effort and improve time management.
  • Collaborative Processes: Facilitate better team coordination and ensure tasks are completed accurately and on time.

Digital Permits 

Exclusive to Site App Pro, the ‘Permit to Work’ feature has been completely digitized to transform how permits are managed:

  • Streamlined Approvals: Simplify the entire permit process, reducing paperwork and enhancing operational speed and accuracy.
  • Digital Record Keeping: Enhances permit management with a fully digital record system. This allows for easy access and streamlined reporting on all permit activities, ensuring comprehensive oversight without the need for manual collection and filing.

North America In Full Charge

2023 marked the beginning of our strategic expansion into North America, starting with a focused push in Toronto. The feedback from this venture has been already overwhelmingly positive, affirming the strong fit of our solutions and the alignment of our strategic roadmap. It’s safe to say that this expansion heralds a thrilling phase for us as we continue to explore new horizons.

Key Industry Engagement

Our team's active participation in several pivotal industry events has significantly bolstered our presence and influence across the region:

51st Saskatchewan Safety Seminar: Our CEO Michael Hartley, CRO Ryan Hartley, and CFO Robert Sheetz braved the cold in Saskatoon, engaging with industry leaders and safety professionals. A particularly insightful discussion with the legendary Eldeen Pozniak highlighted the critical role of software in evolving health and safety practices, pointing to exciting future developments.

Lunch and Learn in Regina: Continuing our momentum, we hosted a productive session in Regina with safety expert Don Gyori. This event sparked in-depth conversations about the latest safety innovations and best practices, showcasing our commitment to enhancing workplace safety through continuous innovation.

Celebrating Success

We love shining a spotlight on the incredible relationships our Customer Team has cultivated with our clients. At Comply Pro, we deeply value our customers and take every opportunity to celebrate their successes.

In March, for Women’s in History Month, we took the opportunity to celebrate and spotlight the remarkable women who are reshaping the construction industry. Through a series of short features, we highlighted some of our incredible partners and customers who champion Health & Safety processes using Site App Pro.

Spotlight on Industry Leaders

  • Teddi Penewell, M.R.S. OSHA Safety Inc.: A seasoned safety advocate, Teddi's leadership has transformed her company into a beacon of innovation in construction safety, influencing practices far beyond the borders of California.
  • Tracey Murphy and Team, Safewise Limited: This all-women team leads a health and safety consultancy that consistently breaks barriers and elevates safety standards within the construction industry, proving that expertise knows no gender.
  • Rylie Fox, Barrett Homes: Rylie has been instrumental in implementing robust health and safety measures that ensure workers' well-being, reflecting her deep commitment to creating safer construction environments.

It's truly inspiring to see our customer community continue to grow, with a wealth of highly qualified safety professionals from around the globe.

Our New Development Team Lead

We are thrilled to welcome Guilherme Politta to the Comply Pro team as our new Development Team Lead. With his extensive expertise in digital innovation and UX development, Guilherme is poised to be a tremendous asset in driving Comply Pro's growth. With his leadership, expertise, and visionary outlook, we’re on the brink of transforming how our users engage with B2B apps. Welcome aboard Gui!

A Word from the CEO

This last quarter has been really exciting, growth in customers, growth in channel, growth in product and new people joining the Comply Pro Journey. In our planning for growth we knew we had to move from our Domestic markets which have served us so well, and step off into the world. Huge thanks to our friends at NZTE for supporting this journey.

I was lucky enough to spend the month of February with our team, customers and partners in North America. One of the highlights was the incredibly positive and professional approach to H & S.   

I was also taken by the  the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) monument to 100 Workers. It is sobering reminders of why we do what we do Site App Pro | Digital Safety Management Program and the fantastic work that all those involved in Health and Safety do. 

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