Women in Construction Series

Angie Trumpler: Shaping Safety in the Construction World

Angie Trumpler, acclaimed as the "Top Woman in Safety 2022," stands as a towering figure in the field of construction safety. With a career marked by dedication, innovation, and an unwavering commitment to ensuring workplace safety, Angie's influence extends far beyond the boundaries of job sites. Her reputation as a safety advocate is built on a foundation of extensive knowledge, practical experience, and a heartfelt passion for protecting lives.

From Farm to Firefighting: A Lifelong Commitment to Safety

Angie's safety journey started on a 100-acre farm, surrounded by machinery often lacking safety guards. This early exposure to potential hazards sowed the seeds of her safety consciousness. 

By 14, she was first aid certified, a qualification she’s upheld for over three decades. Add to that 17 years as a volunteer firefighter, and you've got a foundation built on real-life, hands-on safety smarts.

Preventative Safety: Learnings from Honda to Construction Sites

Angie's professional journey began as a safety trainer at Honda of Canada Mfg., where she transitioned into a team lead role. Her involvement with equipment safety and risk assessments directly prevented the consequences of inadequate safety measures in design and process. Angie quickly developed a passion for preventative health and safety. 

Angie advocates the importance of building safety into the design of projects and processes, able to showcase numerous examples where proactive safety measures are more cost-effective in the long run, a principle Angie applies in her current role overseeing construction sites with multiple trades.

Life-Saving Toolbox Talks

Angie has a knack for turning routine toolbox talks into life-saving lessons. Imagine a construction site scenario where knowledge about Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) is scant. Angie steps in, transforming a standard meeting into a critical session on defibrillator usage.

To give context, this proactive approach once saved a life during a heart attack on-site, illustrating the profound impact of effective safety communication.

Redefining the Role of Safety Consultant

In an industry where credentials vary widely, Angie emphasizes the importance of proper training and certifications in health and safety. 

She advocates for a top-down approach to safety, insisting that it should permeate every process from the inception of a project. Her guidance is not just about compliance but about fostering a culture where safety is a collective responsibility.

Safety: A Necessary Weight

Angie acknowledges that safety protocols can sometimes seem burdensome, but she underscores the rationale behind them. Every procedure and piece of documentation is acquired from lessons learned, a testament to the serious consequences of neglecting safety. Angie’s perspective is vital in an industry where the stakes include human lives and wellbeing.

Mentoring a New Era of Safety Professionals

With the construction industry experiencing rapid growth, Angie foresees a critical role for safety in this expansion. She is passionate about mentoring emerging safety professionals, acknowledging the initial intimidation but assuring them of the rewarding nature of the field. 

Angie envisions a future where safety tools, like Site App Pro, play a pivotal role in empowering workers and managers, enhancing communication, learning, and incident reporting.

A Legacy of Safety Leadership

Angie Trumpler stands as a beacon in the construction safety landscape. Her approach goes beyond compliance; it's about instilling a safety mindset that permeates every aspect of construction work. 

With her rich background, practical experience, and visionary outlook, Angie is not just contributing to safer construction sites; she's actively shaping a culture where safety is integral to the industry's future.

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