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Imagine a world where every project is a win, and managing contractors is a walk in the park. Witness real-time communication, seamless onboarding, and data-driven decisions that elevate every project’s success.

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Proactive Site Inductions and Reminders

With Site App Pro, project kickoffs are effortless. Our Contractor Portal ensures a smooth onboarding experience, while tailored induction and orientation programs equip your team with the necessary skills and knowledge from the get-go. Navigate swiftly through document approvals and ensure every team member is not just onboarded, but ready to hit the ground running with confidence.

Contractor Portal: Streamlined onboarding and easy access to essential resources.

Quick Document Approvals: Efficient processes to ensure compliance and readiness.

Comprehensive Training: Tailored induction and orientation to equip your team for success.

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Streamlined Team Communication

Stay connected like never before with Site App Pro. Our Check-In feature guarantees real-time updates, keeping every team member informed and aligned. No more missed messages or updates; experience seamless information exchange that drives your projects to timely completion.

Real-Time Updates: Ensure everyone is on the same page at every stage.

Check-In Feature: Log entries and exits for enhanced accountability and security.

Seamless Communication: Foster a culture of clarity, reducing errors and enhancing productivity.

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Turning Data into Decisions

Empower your team with Site App Pro's ability to transform data into actionable insights. Our platform turns every data point into a strategic asset, allowing you to proactively manage risks, enhance contractor performance, and ensure safety and compliance on every project.

Strategic Insights: Leverage real-time data for informed contractor management decisions.

Risk Management: Identify and address risks effectively to keep your projects on track.

Enhanced Compliance: Utilize insights to ensure contractor safety, standards adherence, and optimal performance.

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Since implementing Site App Pro, we've seen a dramatic improvement in managing our health and safety. We've moved away from inefficient paper systems, gaining quick access to vital information, especially in emergencies. Our tracking and reporting processes on safety incidents have become more effective, enhancing our ability to address safety issues promptly. Most importantly, Site App Pro's real-time updates have been invaluable within our fast-paced work environment, significantly improving our overall workplace safety.

Liubov Koshel

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"Utilizing Site App Pro for our client’s safety programs makes managing the safety program a breeze in terms of organization and ease of use. Site App Pro creates optimal communication between our clients and 1st Quality Safety as they always have the most up to date version of their safety program immediately after any revisions have been made, and also allows us as consultants to review any activity on the account in real time.”

Marlys Wilson

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Your support and online tuition has been excellent We are still setting up the app for our staff use, taken time but we are getting there!

Kevin @ Speedy Signs

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Flexible and Easy to Use It is an amazing product that is so easy to use and has the flexibility to change to business requirements. An easy referral! Paperless is definitely the way to go.

Cliff @ Three Peaks NZ

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Great service by the sales team. Storm is a legend. Always so helpful and fast to respond to inquiries. Set up my account and another client's account without any hassles at all. Great software is supported by a great team in the background.

Brian @ Otago Health Safety

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“A great way to get Health and Safety documentation completed and keep everyone safe on sites.”

Rebecca King

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“I like that there is the flexibility to create your own documents or amend existing documents for a more practical use for our business.”


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“It is an amazing product that is so easy to use and has the flexibility to change to business requirements.”

Clifford Brown

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