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Site App Pro is proud to be one of Canadian Occupational Safety's 5-STAR OHS Software and Technology Providers of 2023.

2023 5 Star Canada occupation safety OHS software and technology providers

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"Utilizing Site App Pro for our client’s safety programs makes managing the safety program a breeze in terms of organization and ease of use. Site App Pro creates optimal communication between our clients and 1st Quality Safety as they always have the most up to date version of their safety program immediately after any revisions have been made, and also allows us as consultants to review any activity on the account in real time.”

Marlys Wilson 1st Quality Consulting

"Since implementing Site App Pro, we've seen a dramatic improvement in managing our health and safety. We've moved away from inefficient systems, gaining quick access to vital information, especially in emergencies. Our tracking and reporting processes on safety incidents have become more effective, enhancing our ability to address safety issues promptly. Most importantly, Site App Pro's real-time updates have been invaluable within our fast-paced work environment, significantly improving our overall workplace safety."

Liubov Koshel Applied Industrial Flooring Canada

Discover the benefits of Site App Pro

Uplifting Safety Culture and Engagement

Cultivate a safety-first mindset among your team with Site App Pro. Encourage proactive reporting, facilitate open dialogues, and acknowledge achievements seamlessly. Our platform fosters a sense of collective ownership, transforming safety into a shared commitment. With Site App Pro, you're not just managing incidents; you're ensuring your entire organization is playing an active role in making your workplace secure.

Streamlined Automated Processes

Say goodbye to tedious manual tasks, and hello to seamless automation. Our OHS platform simplifies workflows, allowing you to automate repetitive processes effortlessly. From protocol customization to real-time incident tracking, Site App Pro optimizes your operations, ensuring a seamless experience from start to finish.

Ease of Use

Our mobile app boasts a seamless, intuitive interface that simplifies safety management tasks. Navigate effortlessly through customizable forms, conduct risk assessments in a few clicks, and monitor incidents with ease. From novice users to seasoned H&S professionals, Site App Pro ensures a frustration-free experience, letting you focus on what matters most - site safety.

Solutions That Work

Effortless Contractor Management Starts Here

Imagine a world where every project is a win, and managing contractors is a walk in the park. Witness real-time communication, seamless onboarding, and data-driven decisions that elevate every project’s success.

Solutions That Work

Streamlined Equipment and Asset Control

Effective asset and equipment management are crucial for project success. Site App Pro is here to simplify and elevate your approach. Experience operational efficiency like never before, driving your projects to new heights. Welcome to a world where assets thrive, and projects flow effortlessly.

Solutions That Work

Empowering Teams for Success

Site App Pro seamlessly integrates certification, competency, and training into one powerhouse solution. Empower, engage, and elevate your team like never before.

Solutions That Work

Elevate Safety Excellence with Precision & Clarity

Discover Site App Pro's comprehensive Safety Program solution, integrating advanced COR™/SECOR management and a suite of tools designed for optimal safety and operational success.

Solutions That Work

Empowering Projects with Advanced Safety Intelligence

Unleash the potential of intuitive reporting, timely reminders, and seamless integrations with Site App Pro. Elevate safety to new heights, guarantee compliance, and ignite user engagement like never before.

Solutions That Work

Setting the Gold Standard in Quality Assurance

At Site App Pro, we make quality our priority. Experience our commitment to exceptional standards, where in-depth inspections, robust insurance management, and effortless sign-offs seamlessly integrate on a single, powerful platform.

Solutions That Work

Streamline Your Operations with Site App Pro Workflows

With Site App Pro, navigating health and safety compliance is no longer a daunting task. Instead, it's effortless.

Our system is designed to make creating, managing, and tracking health and safety forms and processes as straightforward as checking off a to-do list. From Permits to Orientations and Incident Reports, we've got you covered.

Solutions That Work

Transforming Permits, Empowering Projects.

Step into the future of permit management. Experience the shift to a digital, streamlined process that not only simplifies compliance but supercharges your project timelines.

Our platform not only revolutionizes how your business handles essential permits such as Hot Works, Working at Heights, and Lone Worker Permits, but empowers your entire project, ensuring you stay ahead of the curve with efficiency, clarity, and speed.


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