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Our Canadian Partners

1st Quality Safety Consulting


Our team of safety consultants develop, implement and manage occupational health and safety programs for organizations to render them compliant with legislation, regulations, and more importantly to ensure their workers go home safe at the end of every shift.

BCC Safety Services

Alberta, British Columbia

I create, revise and develop Health & Safety management systems and can initiate buy-in from the organization as well as improve not only safety culture but organizational culture through organizational psychology and my strong leadership skills.

Cobra Safety

Cobra Safety works with progressive corporations and organizations around the world to advance transformative change in health, safety and sustainability.

D. B. Safety Solutions

Alberta, Saskatchewan

DP Safety Consulting

We are here to help individuals, small and large business with all your safety training, programs or policy needs. We help mitigate Stop Work orders, create safety management systems or effective workplace safety policies.

FreeBird Safety Services

Alberta, British Columbia

With over 30 years experience in General Construction, ranging from Single Family Residential, to Low-rise condominiums, High-rise Apartments, Commercial and Industrial Developments, Infrastructure and more, enabled the transition from being on the tools in the trades to Occupational Health and Safety with ease.

Iron Cliff Consulting & Safety

Western Canada (British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan)

Iron Cliff Consulting is a Canadian based company who is committed to establishing and executing safety solutions to their clients. With the main goal of assisting their clients to be able to achieve and maintain safety compliance, while helping their business thrive through loss prevention. We are tenacious in obtaining solutions, and finding ways of proving our value to our clients. No matter the size of the organization, we are committed to delivering exceptional value that separates us from all other providers.

Whether it's a company of three employees or three thousand, Iron Cliff can provide support to achieve safety excellence within your organization. We specialize in construction and oil & gas industries covering a vast range of services.

Pencor Safety Consulting

Edmonton, Alberta

We specialize in partnering with your team to develop a simple but robust health and safety management system that aligns with the Alberta Government Partnerships for Injury Reduction (PIR) and the Alberta Construction Safety Association Certificate of Recognition (COR) program.

Pozniak Safety Associates


We believe success is achieved through a highly collaborative interaction so that we can work together to identify and evaluate opportunities beyond your current operations and provide development, implementation, and organizational support to fulfill your company's vision and objectives.

Red Seal Safety

Alberta, British Columbia

HSE Advisor / COR Auditor

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