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About AuditSoft:

Associations and organizations partner with AuditSoft to enhance and scale their safety and compliance certification programs. Each year, AuditSoft is used to conduct thousands of audits and self-assessments across North America. Our assurance data empowers intelligent decision-making, reduces risks across industries, and enhances the membership experience for organizations of all sizes.

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Key Benefits

Streamlined Auditing Process for Construction Companies

Simplify your path to obtaining a Certificate of Recognition (COR) by leveraging the powerful integration between AuditSoft and Site App Pro. This seamless solution streamlines the auditing process for construction companies working with authorized third-party auditors, making it easier and more efficient than ever before.

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Efficient Evidence Collection: Auditors can easily pull supporting forms to substantiate their observations, demonstrating that the company meets all requirements.

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Reduced Administrative Burden: Auditors benefit from reduced administrative time by working within a single system.

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Eliminate Redundant Uploads: Companies are spared the need to upload or sync their entire set of records and documentation to a third-party system, enhancing efficiency and accuracy.

How to set up AuditSoft with Site App Pro

To learn how to set up your AuditSoft integration, click the button below for detailed instructions.

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