Place this code script just after the closing </body> tag in your website's html

Currently this is in the site wide settings


Use the JavaScript functions below to obtain visitor location data in your website

Note these can be used to populate a visible or hidden field

geotargetly_continent_name(); //gets visitor continent name
geotargetly_continent_code(); //gets visitor continent code
geotargetly_country_name(); //gets visitor country name
geotargetly_country_code(); //gets visitor country code
geotargetly_region_name(); //gets visitor Region/State or state name
geotargetly_region_code(); //gets visitor Region/State or state code
geotargetly_city_name(); // gets visitor city name
geotargetly_lat(); // gets visitor latitude
geotargetly_lng(); // gets visitor longitude
geotargetly_ip(); // gets visitor IP address
geotargetly_currency_code(); // gets visitor currency code
geotargetly_currency_symbol(); // gets visitor currency symbol

geotargetly_calling_code(); // gets visitor calling codegeotargetly_loaded(); // gets called when data is available

//----------------Example-------------function geotargetly_loaded(){
 var country_name = geotargetly_country_name();
 if (country_name == "United States"){
     //do something

Use the HTML tags below in your website content to display visitor location data

<span class="geotargetly_continent_name"></span>
<span class="geotargetly_continent_code"></span>
<span class="geotargetly_country_name"></span>
<span class="geotargetly_country_code"></span>
<span class="geotargetly_region_name"></span>
<span class="geotargetly_region_code"></span>
<span class="geotargetly_city_name"></span>
<span class="geotargetly_lat"></span>
<span class="geotargetly_lng"></span>
<span class="geotargetly_ip"></span>
<span class="geotargetly_currency_code"></span>
<span class="geotargetly_currency_symbol"></span>
<span class="geotargetly_calling_code"></span>
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